Don’t Manage Your Feelings, Manage Your Focus

an article from Bo Sanchez


Let’s do a crazy experiment.

For the next 4 weeks every single day—and every single waking moment of each day—I want you to focus on the bad things that have happened, that is happening, and that will happen in your life.  Don’t let a single moment second pass by without thinking of your problems.

First, think of all your financial problems.  Real or imagined.  All your debts.  All your present bills.  All your future bills.

One day, my friend woke up with chest pains.  He went to see the doctor, and the man told him, “You need a heart surgery”.  He shivered.  He asked, “Doc, how much will that cost?”  The doctor said, “About P1.6 Million.”  That was when my friend had a heart attack.
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Relearn the Skill of Asking

An Article from Bo Sanchez.


When he was barely 2 years old, my son Francis couldn’t pronounce the word “milk”.  Instead, he would say, “mi”.  So whenever he wanted milk, he’d say “Mi”.  But like any child, he’d say it a million times if necessary until he gets it.

And if you hear, “Mi.  Mi.  Mi.  Mi.  Mi.  Mi….” over and over again, you’ll really give him what he wants.

My other son, Bene, when he was eight, also knew how to ask.  But asked with more sophistication.  He made it easier for me to say yes.

During supper, he asked his mother, “After dinner, can I play on the computer?”

My wife replied, “Son, read a book.”

My son’s facial expression didn’t change.  With a big happy smile, he asked, “Mommy, after I read the book, can I play the computer?”

My wife answered, “Son, after you read the book, go straight to bed.”

Again, still with the grin on his face, he asked, “Mommy, after I read the book, before I go to bed, can I play the computer for 30 minutes?”

My wife said, “No, I want you to sleep right away.”

“Mommy, how about if I play just for 15 minutes?”

“No, I want you to go to bed right away.”

“Mommy, how about 10 minutes?  Just 10 minutes?  Please, please, please?”

“Owwwwww… Okay!” my wife conceded.

Now that’s the power of asking.

My son expected to get what he wanted.

He used his smile.   He used compromise.  He used his puppy eyes.   He used his cuteness.

But the important thing was he got what he wanted.


The Universe Adjusts To Your Expectations


As adults, we don’t do that anymore.  We don’t ask with expectancy.

So we go to God and say, “Lord, can you give me this…”  And when we don’t get it in two seconds, we say, “OK, never mind.”

We quit too quickly.

Here’s the problem: The universe adjusts to your expectations.

If you expect nothing, you get nothing.

The universe is the greatest Buffet of Blessings.  Don’t settle for a biscuit.  Don’t eat crumbs in a dark corner of your life.

God is telling you, “My child, the blessings are here.  It’s waiting for you.  Stand up! Ask.  Not for a bit.  Not for a little.  Ask for a double portion!”

Are you ready to ask?

Backseat Point of View

Whenever I ride on the backseat of our car with my toddler, I used to feel a sense of worry.   When I see our car approaching near the vehicle in front, I hold on tight to my seat and take a deep breath thinking that our car might hit the vehicle in front. It never happens. Of course, my husband, the one driving, has the car under his control. He makes sure that there is enough space between the vehicles. However, from the backseat, I cannot see everything in front, and that’s why I worry. I soon realized that if I do not stop this unnecessary worrying, it will cause me a heart disease. So now I tell myself that everything is alright.

Reflecting on this, I realized that when life gets rough and things are not going well, sometimes (okay, maybe often), I have this backseat point of view. I worry. I worry and I worry a lot. Problems are inevitable and 90% of what happens in life are beyond my control. But God is in control. He has the driver’s point of view. He has a clear view of what is ahead so I have to trust Him.

Matthew 6:34 says:

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for  the day is its own trouble.”

When God Takes Something Away

I found this picture posted by a friend in Facebook, and I thought of keeping it here in my Notepad, so when God takes something away from me, instead of wailing and thinking about my loss over and over and over again (this is a weakness I find so hard to change- the incapability to move on quickly) I can remind myself of the following:

  1. Trust God,  have FAITH, let go. 
  2. God has a BETTER BLESSING in store for you (a blessing that could only come once you’ve learned to let go of whatever it was that you’ve lost).
  3. God knows best. (Anything he takes away from you is either no longer good for you or is hindering you to grow.)


A Realization on the Parable of the Good Samaritan

The parable of the good samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) held a beautiful but painful truth. The man lying half dead on the road to Jericho was ignored by his fellow Jews.However, a Samaritan, a race whom the Jews were not exactly on good terms with, helped him.

Translating this parable to an experience that happened to me just this week gave me these realizations. 

1. In the midst of your biggest trials, do not be surprised if your brothers and sisters and all your relatives turn their backs on you, even those whom you have constantly helped. In fact, these people, whom you’ve helped and who are obviously capable of helping you back, might be the first ones who will turn their backs on you in your time of need. 

God’s grace is the only thing you can constantly and confidently rely on.

2. There are still good Samaritans out there. In your desperate time of need, you get unexpected help from unexpected people.  I have learned the importance of keeping a peaceful relationship with others as much as possible. We wont know who will lend a hand when we need it the most.

 3. Vengeance is tempting. When people turn their backs on you,  and when you see that particular relative (who enjoyed your family’s kindness and generosity but refrained to help you when they were capable) posting b****¥ stuff on FB, oh, plots of getting even will run in your head. I am not a holy person, so the struggle is real. What the bible says about loving your enemy  and repaying good to those who did you wrong are VERY challenging things to do. For now, I dont think I can find it in my heart. I have decided to cut off my ties with them. Time heals. Who knows what the future will hold. But for now, they will not be in my circle.

4. Being the “Good Samaritan” is difficult. This guy in the parable is such an amazing person. Going out of your way to help someone you don’t like is hard, how much more for someone you hate. I would probably need a lot of grace to be able to do it.

Declaration of Blessing

(from the book I DECLARE by Joel Osteen)

I declare I walk in the blessing of almighty God. I declare I am filled with wisdom, I make good choices, I have a clear direction.

I declare my family and I are blessed with creativity, with good ideas, woth courage, with strength, with ability.

I declare I am blessed with good health, a good family, good friends and a long life.

I declare I am blessed with promotion, with success, with an obedient heart and with a positive outlook.

I declare whatever I put my hands into will prosper and succeed. I am blessed in the cityand blessed in the field. I am blessed when I go in and when I go out.

I declare I will lend and not borrow. I will be above and not beneath.

I declare the negative things that have been in my family even for generations will no longer have any effect on us and the generations after.

I declare right now that every negative word, every curse that has ever been spoken over me and my family is broken in the name of Jesus.

I declare that from this day forward, I will experience a new sense of freedom, a new happiness and a new fulfillment.

I declare I am blessed, In Jesus name, amen.