Backseat Point of View

Whenever I ride on the backseat of our car with my toddler, I used to feel a sense of worry.   When I see our car approaching near the vehicle in front, I hold on tight to my seat and take a deep breath thinking that our car might hit the vehicle in front. It never happens. Of course, my husband, the one driving, has the car under his control. He makes sure that there is enough space between the vehicles. However, from the backseat, I cannot see everything in front, and that’s why I worry. I soon realized that if I do not stop this unnecessary worrying, it will cause me a heart disease. So now I tell myself that everything is alright.

Reflecting on this, I realized that when life gets rough and things are not going well, sometimes (okay, maybe often), I have this backseat point of view. I worry. I worry and I worry a lot. Problems are inevitable and 90% of what happens in life are beyond my control. But God is in control. He has the driver’s point of view. He has a clear view of what is ahead so I have to trust Him.

Matthew 6:34 says:

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for  the day is its own trouble.”