On Working Hard

Is Your Life Too Easy?

by: Bo Sanchez

Here’s my big question: Is your life too easy?

Are you too comfortable?

Maybe that’s the reason why you’ve remained stuck.

Maybe that’s the reason why your dreams have not come true.

Because our faith is not expressed through action.

It’d like to share this passage with you:

My friends, what good is it for one of you to say that you have faith if your actions do not prove it?  So it is with faith: if it is alone and includes no actions, then it is dead. (James 2:14, 17 GNT)

Work Hard!

Today, I’d like to talk about Keep walking.

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The Truth About Blessing

The Truth About Blessing

by Bo Sanchez

People ask me, “Bo, why are you so successful?”

I always tell them, “God’s Blessing!”

But if I’m honest, it’s not just God’s Blessing. Because all my life, I’m opened my life to God’s Blessing. I’ve grabbed those Blessings through long hours of dedicated work. (I work hard on my marriage and family too.) I don’t watch TV. I don’t play video games. While everyone else is watching and playing video games, I’m working.

I don’t believe in luck. Because we’re already blessed beyond our wildest imagination. In fact, I believe we’re swimming in an ocean of blessings 24 hours a day. But are you grabbing those blessings through fiery commitment?
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Start Dreaming Big Dreams

an article from Bo Sanchez

We need to encourage people, “Dream big dreams because God is a big God.”

Massive dreams are better than mini dreams.

Have ambition!

I know religious people don’t like the word “ambition”. Because they connect ambition to “greedy” and “selfish” and “corrupt”.

But I’m using the good version of ambition: When you dream big because you love big.

Remember, when a person doesn’t wake up in the morning with a dream, his one foot is already in the grave. He is a zombie. He is ready to die.

Let me shock you. Mother Theresa was ambitious. She dreamt of feeding hundreds of thousands of hungry people—today, she has the largest Catholic female congregation in the world—4500 nuns in 133 countries.

Mother Angelica of EWTN was ambitious too.
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Envision Your Future

An Article from Bo Sanchez


If you want to be successful, you need to learn to see a vision and plan accordingly. Proverbs says, Plan carefully and you will have plenty; if you act too quickly, you will never have enough.(Proverbs 21:5 GNT)

Successful people plan ahead for the coming winter. Proverbs says, Lazy people should learn a lesson from the way ants live. They have no leader, chief, or ruler, but they store up their food during the summer, getting ready for winter. (Proverbs 6:6-8 GNT)

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To Increase the Quantity of Your Wealth, Increase The Quality Of Your Work

An article from Bo Sanchez

Do you believe that God gave you a great gift that you need to give to the world?

God has given you a great gift that you need to give the world.

Recently, I was talking with a very successful man, someone who has been able to impact the world with his work.

I asked him, “How were you able to reach great success?”

His answer was powerful. He told me, “It’s a matter of claiming your destiny.”

I believe him. You and I are destined for greatness. Our problem is that we don’t believe in it, we don’t claim it, and we don’t act on it.

Today, I want to teach you how to claim your destiny.
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Don’t Manage Your Feelings, Manage Your Focus

an article from Bo Sanchez


Let’s do a crazy experiment.

For the next 4 weeks every single day—and every single waking moment of each day—I want you to focus on the bad things that have happened, that is happening, and that will happen in your life.  Don’t let a single moment second pass by without thinking of your problems.

First, think of all your financial problems.  Real or imagined.  All your debts.  All your present bills.  All your future bills.

One day, my friend woke up with chest pains.  He went to see the doctor, and the man told him, “You need a heart surgery”.  He shivered.  He asked, “Doc, how much will that cost?”  The doctor said, “About P1.6 Million.”  That was when my friend had a heart attack.
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Relearn the Skill of Asking

An Article from Bo Sanchez.


When he was barely 2 years old, my son Francis couldn’t pronounce the word “milk”.  Instead, he would say, “mi”.  So whenever he wanted milk, he’d say “Mi”.  But like any child, he’d say it a million times if necessary until he gets it.

And if you hear, “Mi.  Mi.  Mi.  Mi.  Mi.  Mi….” over and over again, you’ll really give him what he wants.

My other son, Bene, when he was eight, also knew how to ask.  But asked with more sophistication.  He made it easier for me to say yes.

During supper, he asked his mother, “After dinner, can I play on the computer?”

My wife replied, “Son, read a book.”

My son’s facial expression didn’t change.  With a big happy smile, he asked, “Mommy, after I read the book, can I play the computer?”

My wife answered, “Son, after you read the book, go straight to bed.”

Again, still with the grin on his face, he asked, “Mommy, after I read the book, before I go to bed, can I play the computer for 30 minutes?”

My wife said, “No, I want you to sleep right away.”

“Mommy, how about if I play just for 15 minutes?”

“No, I want you to go to bed right away.”

“Mommy, how about 10 minutes?  Just 10 minutes?  Please, please, please?”

“Owwwwww… Okay!” my wife conceded.

Now that’s the power of asking.

My son expected to get what he wanted.

He used his smile.   He used compromise.  He used his puppy eyes.   He used his cuteness.

But the important thing was he got what he wanted.


The Universe Adjusts To Your Expectations


As adults, we don’t do that anymore.  We don’t ask with expectancy.

So we go to God and say, “Lord, can you give me this…”  And when we don’t get it in two seconds, we say, “OK, never mind.”

We quit too quickly.

Here’s the problem: The universe adjusts to your expectations.

If you expect nothing, you get nothing.

The universe is the greatest Buffet of Blessings.  Don’t settle for a biscuit.  Don’t eat crumbs in a dark corner of your life.

God is telling you, “My child, the blessings are here.  It’s waiting for you.  Stand up! Ask.  Not for a bit.  Not for a little.  Ask for a double portion!”

Are you ready to ask?